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Friday, 28 September 2012

workshop for pensioners

i was actually giving lessons to going-to-be pensioners what to do with their lives when they have come to the end of their employment with the present employer.
the package was comprehensive: speakers came from MOH (ministry of health), EPF, AKPK, SME Bank, AMANAHRAYA and such beside taking the participants for site visits of those who has successfully move into cottage industries or earning incomes out of doing business from home.
my sessions was at the end, repping-up the whole course by having them working out and presenting their business plans complete with profit & loss accounts and balance sheets.
Tuan Doktor of DBI, i am so sorry (ampun) i could not call on you because of the time constrains but managed to have klcc & ict at the batu buruk food court in the rain. it has been raining cats & dogs in evenings or i would have make plan to go snorkling with you at pulau kapas.
jangan marah tau, nanti cepat kerepot!

felda residence is an exquisite boutique hotel by the river that has fantastic view of the crystal mosque.

visit to the cottage industry operator of tapioca and banana crakcers

looks good, tastes even better.

the rm 5,000 income per month mushroom operator says " i dont have to put on my baju kurung and drive to the office anymore. i just work behind my house.

visit to a bakery that sponsors by the SME'S Bank.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

update blog.

my flight from kuching reached klia at 6pm.
i have at least 2 hours before i board a plane to Kuala Terengganu
ohohoooo! got time to update blog.
was looking for burger king but it was taken over by merry brown. there is a spot at the outlet that i  like.

it has clear view of the planes

dress sense

while irman and kamarul gone, i had to manage the dress sense module alone. they have gone back to the Academy in Bangi preparing for the induction course on monday, while i have to resume my journey later this afternoon to Kuala Terengganu.
i have to organise a workshop for employees that will go into retirement in 3 years. mahathir and isa will be waiting for me.
the participants for the dress sense class came fully prepared only to find out later that some of them needs improvement, but it was done in such a way that everyone learns by way of examples. no casualties i hope - no one got hurt by the comments made by the outspoken lecture - the obnoxious me!

obnoxious but handsome lecturer

happy participants

Sunday, 23 September 2012

anger management

it was a pleasant trip from kuching to santubong.
the courses for Call centre agents came in three parts. communications skill, anger management and dress sense.
While irman conducts module on efective communications and simulations of management games, the run-around-handy-man , kamarul is such a joy to have. as a course secretariat, he takes cares of everything that lectures do not want to do. i don't know how we would have couducts our courses without him.

from left: irman and kamarul

the screaming exercise that turns out to be a laughing exercise
my anger management workshop was held at the one hotel santubong, a golf resort. i had a room facing the sea and the golf course, it was beautiful. too bad the program was a crash ones so most of the time we were in the class room.

terubuk & lada hitam sarawak.

the good thing about being a guest speaker in a workshop is that the organizer treats u like a king. 
they threw in dinner at this exquisite restaurant called mango tree last nite and this morning we went to a place in satok for breakfast. 
i had sarawak specialty = mee kolok, kamarul and amir had rojak mee tambi special. it's an upgrade version of pasembor plus a large chunk of fried chicken. 
later we walked through the satok week-end-wet market so that kamarul could get packets of black pepper those ladies back at the office asked him to buy and the salted terubuk for his family members.
someone told me not to buy the fresh, and bleached salted terubuk because they use the chemical that preserve the corps. i mean how fresh and nice looking could a fish that has been marinated with salt and dried under the sun for days.
suddently i felt like throwing up!

plenty of the salted terubuk

you could get almost anything here

these chickens are for sale and not for display

Saturday, 22 September 2012

travelling again

dah lama berdiam di ofis, dah rasa macam berlapuk.
kini masa untuk beraksi dan berjalan-jalan balik.
kena ngajar bukan satu kursus tapi dua sekaligus, dalam masa satu minggu! ha! hambik ko.
i m running courses back to back, one for the call centre in  "meoww city" and the other one in the city of "fish sausages".
all-in-one gadget like this helps frequent flyers!

compact all-in-one camera bag which is blogger friendly
this bag has special compartments for laptop, camera and video camera. you could also carry the tripod stand by the side of the bag.
i just packed by luggage bag, grab this compact camera bag and off i go.

ishhh mana kl transit neh!

Friday, 7 September 2012

cilaka betoi

diaorang neh kan, kalau berpangkat skit, naik besar kepala, jalan pon mendada dengan bontot tonggek!
dah le bodoh, sombong plak tu, tak nak dengar cakap orang. bebel tak tentu pasal. sume tak kena.
ko tu manis mulut je pandai bodek bos! buat keje tak pandai, skil apar pon takde! kuli batak cam kami le dok terkejar-kejar.
fedap tau fedap kena keje ngan orang macam neh!kecik-kecik tan nak mampus, aman dunia ni.

maap bebanyak. itu alter ego aku tengah hangin satu badan.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

the best fish sausage is in mengabang tapah, terengganu

my wife wanted sata (fish flesh mix with coconut steamed in banana leaves, tastes rather sweet) & otak-otak (fish flesh mix with coconut and chilli powder grill over slow fire in a coconut leave) and we had that before leaving Besut Jetty.
my third son wanted nasi kerabu (purple flower-tinted coloured rice with herbs and vegetables to be taken with either fry or grilled chicken, beef or flour-coated fried fish. we had that for breakfast along the way. there was an american lady posting on her blog and taking pictures of the kerabu rice at the stall.
my second son wanted to have the taste of fried ice-cream so we make a stopped the batu buruk just ahead of kuala terengganu on the way back to putrajaya. i had my first fried ice cream there years ago.
all i wanted was the delicious succulant keropok lekor or fish sausage. unlike the dried fish crackers the local eats it straight out of the steamer while the more "jakun" outsiders eat it deep fried.
anyway we were driving slowly at merang and suddently there were loads of cars parked by the road side and we thought there was a wedding but then we saw long line of people waiting while others carrying bundles and bundles on both arms like a a king kong. and suddently we saw this.

eye catching signboard that is sure to make you stop.

i knew i was in for a treat. this is the first outlets that uses the q management system, patrons had to take numbers while waiting for their fresh fish sausages.
i had to wait for almost an hour for my 50 ringgit worth of fish sausage. but it was worth it. one of the best i have ever tasted.

p.s. fish sausages is a traditional snack for the dwellers on the eastern part of the peninsular Malaysia. it is made of mashed fish fillet, wheat flour, salt and water, well blended and rolled up in a shape of a sausage before steamed cooked to get fresh sausages that could be eaten right away dipped in a special sause that is sour, sweet and hot. eat it while it is steamy hot. some prefered it deep fried.

long queues to buy fish sausages

the ingredients of fish sausage

simple process and hand made

sausage is then steamed cooked

the cooked sausages is wrapped in a plastic bag
opppps, got to go. cant's resists the temptation of the fish sausages. got to steamed some from the freezer and enjoy the taste of a delidious keropok lekor! byeeee....