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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

sacred means ramadhan

looking up in wikipedia sacred : considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion; or inspiring awe or reverence among believers in a given set of spiritual ...
to me personally it means total devotion to Allah body and soul.
Ramadhan tantamount to cleansing of  your soul and physical, getting rid of what is evil and bad and adopt the more pure and holistic way of life.
i don't have to labour into what fasting does to your whole digestive system and the condition that you have to feel but fasting does not allow you to be sloppy, undone and smelly.
don't you know that if you stand in front of your creator you must look and smell excellent, much more than when you go dating for the first time?
by that i mean fasting Muslims must take good care of their bodily odour specially the mouth.
forgive my alter ego Allah my lord! because you said the smell of a mouth of a fasting man is far better than kasturi (the perfume) to you, but truly i almost fainted to the highest degree last nite during the sunnat prayer of tarawikh when a person next to me fail to brush his teeth and emit the foul smell that sent you to "jamban-like ambiance" (toilet) every rakaat you pray.
just think of that!
there are 20 rakaat of tarawikh and 3 witirs. i felt like pulling each and everyone of his bad teeth out with a pair of pliers plus the good ones too! that! is for being selfish with no whatsoever respect to others than oneself.
Astagfirullah....clense your soul (my heart is telling my mind)
but forgive me my lord for feeling the way i felt!

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