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Saturday, 25 June 2016

No no no, not TNT. It's TNA

TNA Perbende?
Makcik Wiki says: TNA is the process of identifying the gap between employee training and needs of training. Training needs analysis is the first stage in the training process and involves a procedure to determine whether training will indeed address the problem which has been identified.

Training can be described as “the acquisition of skills, concepts or attitudes that result in improved performance within the job environment”.
Training needs analysis looks at each aspect of an operational domain so that the initial skills, concepts and attitudes of the human elements of a system can be effectively identified and appropriate training can be specified.
Training needs analysis is most often used as part of the system development process. Due to the close tie between the design of the system and the training required, in most cases it runs alongside the development to capture the training requirements.
In other words to put it in plain, simple language: before designing a course outline, consultants have to identify what is lacking in the performance of a particular group of participants and what are the skills organisers or participants wish to acquire by attending the particular course.
It is the duty of consultants to then, identify the learning objectives and more importantly the learning outcomes to make it an impactful training, coaching or courses.
show time! - to deliver the course outline to clients on a silver platter to see if it meets their needs precisely.
work out the details, go go go.....

Friday, 24 June 2016


SSS atau 3s. Apakah?
Trainers should avoid this syndrom mandatorily. 
By switching on your active listening skill, then you would be able to tailor-make courses that clients wanted, that meet their needs and objectives the first place, therefore clients get their money's worth engaging us as their training consultant. 
Usually "Sindrom Syok Sendiri" of a consultant sees him as busy telling clients what and how he could do for them to the point of arm-twisting clients to wholly take what he has to offer. Instead he should listen and probe clients as what are their objectives, their aims and what they eventually wanted to achieve out of the course.
Only then consultant go right ahead and design precise courses, customize to what the clients desired.
I bet you get no less than 96% on the evaluation score sheet. Insya Allah!
Never underestimate the power of TNA.

Monday, 20 June 2016

rice porridge

He who offers food for those who fasted, will get the reward (pahala) just like the ones he has given the food to, without the person who fasted the whole day get any less of the reward from god the almighty.
Ramadan sees Muslims all over the world joining the rat race of giving sincerely to the less fortunate in order to make lives much better for the have-not.
The musolla where i pray organised a porridge cooking session Saturday morning as a social responsibility as well as hoping to gain the blessing, Insya Allah! and the final products were distributed to those who came shopping at the Alamanda Shopping Complex that particular afternoon, whether they fast or not.
The co-sponsors Aeon and Adabi provided the ingredients for cooking, big pots and stoves while the community of the musollah cook the porridge together.
The task was successfully completed just before the Zohor prayer. The porridge that has been placed into small container was distributed to the public immediately.

preparation of ingredients

things to cook

everything goes into the big periok

ready for distribution

OMG! Sedap giler!

Friday, 17 June 2016

multi-purpose laptop adjustable table with cooling fan

i have been wanting to buy this table for ages!

made a purchase online via Qoo10 for an exquisite bamboo laptop table with cooling fan, waited patiently for three weeks, checked my status, they cancelled it. goddamned it! how dare they!

and so i called up the customer care centre and was told that they have ran out of stock and will refund my money. had to wait for another 3 weeks for the refund to be credited into my account. bloody hell!

i was out shopping for something else at the IOI City Mall, but my eyes caught sight of this table and i liked it instantly. the trouble was they have sold that model out too and what was left was the display unit. i wanted it. during the demonstration session, one of the fan stop functioning. Arggggggh! i had to wait for another week for new shipment to come,

yesterday it came and i bought it.

with all excitement, i showed it to wanita cantek and told her that she could use it too if she wishes. you see, we are sinners of operating our laptops on the bed or on the bedroom floor while sitting against the bed, sometimes laying on the wooden flooring. 

lazy bums - that is what we are when the study table is just outside the bedroom with ample space for everyone, but no! we had to do it in the bedroom.

she said the table was also good for putting the holy quran when reading it, or even a fantastic casket for breakfast in bed. Ader fan lagi! omg, me and my big mouth! serve me right. why la do i ever have to offer usage of my laptop table to her.

i am sure she would come up with 101 more bright ideas of how to utilise the table when all i ever wanted was to use it for my laptop to prevent back injury to myself, no more straining my neck and back while doing my work at home.

then, it striked me like lightning and i told her: sayang! let me get you a brand-new breakfast tabletop. you can put your sewing machine on it too!

ps: wanita cantek is my pulchritudinous wife.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

malu sangat

What you don't know won't hurt.
but then again ignorance is no excuse!

when JPN decided to change from 30k chip to 60k chip identity card almost 12 years ago i m one of those who was told to integrate my driving licence into the i.c. chip so that i don't have to carry two cards at the same time.
well that was convenient!

so i jumped into the band wagon and paid for my driving licence for 10 years. little did i know that they were not going to equip the patrol policemen with the card reader. god has been kind to me and i never had any bad omen or encounter, Alhamdulillah.

a couple of days ago my son asked me for my driving licence and i showed him my i.c. and told him it's in there!

"pa you got to be kidding me, we have to own a separate driving licence now for it is an offence if you don't have one!" and of course i fought like hell to his suggestions of getting a new card. i mean why should i? it's in there! the i.c.

he has just gotten his a week earlier and told me that he had a pleasant experience dealing with JPJ Putrajaya Branch. he told me that it was hassle free to renew driving licence now.

with him gone, back to his hostel in Kelantan, i finally plucked enough courage to go to JPJ Putrajaya branch at the Galleria this morning.

upon pressing my ticket no, i heard my number being called ever the QMS System and so i had to practically rush to the counter, almost running-over or knocking-down the other customers. there were only three of them, pun around.

then the officer at the counter dropped the bomb on me. i was told that my licence has expired two years ago! Gulp!!!!

at that very instant,  i felt  like running at the speed of lightning back to my car and drive like orang gila mabuk for fear that they would blacklist me, or worst -make me sit for the driving test once again.

the officer calmly just told me that i could take max 5 years, so i paid quickly, no back-tracked payment, no fine, no abusive words for being careless. Fuhhh!


They were so nice, helpful and efficient. just before i could open up my pouch bag to get my phone, there was a voice calling "Encik! dah siap". other government agencies could take one or few pointers from JPJ Customer Service, honestly!

Kudos to JPJ Putrajaya! can't wait to see u again - in 5 years.

***** (servis lima bintang)

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


"G! please tell me how to loose those pounds on my lats."
Aiman is a cute young lad, about 24yrs of age and a graduate of culinary science with a passion for cooking and naturally tasting food, glorious food. He aspires to be an owner of a bistro very soon while in the meantime helping his mum delivering her floral arrangements to clients. 
She is a florist, a very famous one in Putrajaya. Most of the government departments, tan sris, puan sris, datuks, datins and hoi pollois are mostly her clients.
Aiman is on the gendud plump side but he is almost 6 feet tall. Naturally any little bulge would show on his deportment.
I told him he looked all right (dunno why people came up to me for advice on weight problems) but he told me "my friends said i have 360% breast. it shows especially at the back"
i could not help it but to burst into horrendous laughter. 
Aiman, you are hilarious!

pic from uncle google, not aiman's

Saturday, 11 June 2016

pahala berpuasa

"meh duduk sini" said Cikgu Syarin holding my hand and pulling me towards a group of people who were ready to break their fast.
i was running late and so i thought why not? the breaking of fast is any minute now and i still hadn't any food with me, so i joined him and a few of our regular friends at the surau.
Luckily, there were people like Cikgu Syarin.
Already, there were few plates of dates with curry-puff and tepung talam, Cikgu Syarin was busy pouring the icy-cold watermelon juice that he brought from home into the paper cups and handed one to me, then there was azan and we all ate to mark the breaking of our fast.
"my daughter baked this cake and my wife prepared this sardine roll. i just made the drinks for all of us". and that has been the practice of Cikgu Syarin ever since the fasting season started this year.
Why go through all this trouble, i asked Cikgu Syarin, a pensioner whose stature is far from filthy rich
"Owh there is no trouble at all!"  Cikgu Syarin and his family members are well known to be fantastic cooks and one of the generous people in my surau seizing at every opportunity to contribute some kind of comestible or others.
"Allah said, he who gives food to those who fast, will reap of deed (pahala) of the person who fasted the whole day, without any less deed to the person who fasted" i hope god bless me with good health so that i could do this little bit this year. i might not meet another ramadan next year!"
"amiiin" was the reply from everyone simultaneously. he beamed from ear to ear. 
i felt ashamed of myself!

pics from uncle google

Thursday, 9 June 2016

New Zealand, What a heaven on earth.

They say New Zealand is one of the most beautiful country in the world, you need to see, feel and taste it to know that it is so true.
Alluring, appealing, exquisite, fascinating, dazzling, superb, stunning, gorgeous... are only but few words to describe this magnificent country, where the population of cattle and lamb supersede human by so very far.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Tetiba, i am feeling down the rut!

The message was short and simple.

"banyak kali saya tanya macammana nak register"
"orang lain boleh cari blog saya,
so tak payah la pa cari.
Tak penting pon blog saya tu."

We always hurt the one we love, this is a good case.
And you know what, those moments together were most precious, being able to reach out, hold and touch someone with so much love and affection, but you can't have - to call your very own - the yearning felt very bitter.
There are times catching glimpses of the person would have to be sufficient and so you put on your smiling facade even though no one knows what you comprehended inside.
But it felt like a dagger straight into my heart when you can't even look at that particular face anymore since the "apple of your eyes" god knows why is gone.........

Monday, 6 June 2016

Team building

Been through two team building sessions this year alone.
The first group was new recruits of 240  personnel, and the second group was 170 executive officers.
These new recruits were to transcend into the corporate culture of the institution, within 4 days and 3 nights, and that was a very tall order for organizers, facilitators and secretariats to run the team building program, done in a camp almost in the jungle .
These people were not fresh intake that just came out of schools moving into labour market. Most of them have had 8 years of working experience with the organization under the "temporary staff" scheme and had picked up all the bad habits from their seniors in the office.
Nevertheless, most has a degree in either accounting, public administration, human resource management, computer science or law with CGPA 3.5 and above. That made it even a tall order by double,  a little too much to stomach. OMG!
But of course, the preliminary observation was discipline which was not adhered to: the tight pants and body hugging clothes which is hip, unsuitable hair styles to wear to the office. Instantly upon registration, they were given a choice of getting a proper cut or be given a free haircut by untrained stylist.
There were ice breaking session, then the fear factor: walking in the jungle at night, water confidence: free-drifting in a fast current river chilling, and explorace of collecting clues at checkpoints where they had prepare a meal with given materials ,built a raft and sail to an island.
Finally the small team merged into a big team as one and en masse! team building came to it's peak.
Afterwards, there were lectures on subjects of their job functions that they had to attend in the auditorium and they had to sit and pass the written exam.
On the the last nite, they performed a show to celebrate the success completion of the Induction Course.

Briefing of the activities of the day

Free Flow in River Chilling @ Kuala Kubu Baru

Building a Raft @ Brindley Camp Port Dickson

Rafting to an island @ Asia Camp

Preparing a Kenduri

Corporate Social Responsibility of Gotong Royong

Painting work at the Pavilion

The Live Performance Show-After

After 2 - 3 weeks of togetherness, it's such a sad affair to let them go back to their respective offices. Tear flows like a river.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Stop, Look and Believe it or not!

The figure that  I targeted for was 75kg. but with proper exercise and good diet my weight came down to it's lowest 72.2kg even after I was out of phase 4.
Well, how could this be possible? but it did and I am far from exasperated. Ya ya, ya, I know right? All that talk and no proof - it's too much to believe. caution: no camera trick and no adobe/print shop adjustment.
Well guys, reluctantly I post my achievement below. See it for yourselves. So need I say more?
All I need to do now is to get help from Ben Ashaari to get my six-packs.

biggest, bigger and big - no, no, no - I meant to say small