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Sunday, 17 July 2016


i am by nature a level headed, calm, composed and non-moody kind of a person. most of the time i give in so that i don't have to face with confrontational action. i give more than i get, and that's ok, i value friendship more than materials.
people like me are usually abused, taken for granted for, and useful to those only when they needed something. little that people realized that i have feelings and emotions too. if it is one thing that i cant tolerate is tantrums and moods.
i choose not to be categorised with those boisterous people that displays repugnance much more than propensity.
once beaten  twice shy? no this is a case of once too many, too often. i can't be your scapegoat for things that went wrong in your lives, it is not fair for me to take abuse for something someone else did to you. enough is enough! what did i ever do to you.
i am drawing a line right here and right now!
i am deleting you out of my l life. you are not worth keeping.

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