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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

kursus dara (maiden) 2

Dua hari kursus hands-on tatacara wawancara di depan kamera di IPPTAR telah berakhir kini module communication skills bermula di dalam klas.
The handsome British Lecturer Alex Cummins started the class this morning with ice-breaking activities by getting the JUSA to guess things about him with asking questions and he will tell them the truth as well as a lie. Eventually the JUSA will have to identify which was the lie statement about him. This is an alternative way of conducting an ice-breaking sessions without having to read your curricular vitae.
The thing about alex is, this mat Salleh can speak good bahasa. So lupakanlah niat nak mengata belakang dia, cik kiah oooi, dia paham!
peserta sibuk menyiapkan tugasan

pensyarah menyampaikan ceramahnya

the malay speaking british lecturer

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