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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hari Belia 2 juta di Putrajaya

and...all these for what?
i wonder how much money goes down the drain and in the end how do you measure the success of the assembly? who keep the tab on the taxpayers money sponsoring the event? What is it worth to the country?

as we packed ourselves in my little toby (the name of my cute suzuki vitara sports) anticipated the terrible traffic jam and the unavailablibility of parking space, the hari belia has done us real injustice.

all we wanted to do was to attend a ceramah by Ustaz Adzmy Sulaiman on saturday at the putrajaya mosque. True enough the horrible traffic jam started at the big putrajaya round-about leading to the dataran via the pm's office.
as we were approaching the feeder road to the dataran, my fear came true. it was blocked!  no one was allowed to go to the dataran.  wanita comel pleaded to be given an examption since this is a religious commitment but alas, it fall on deaf ears of the traffic policemen. they would not budge. so we missed the magrib  jemaah prayer and had to do it on our own. the ceramah were about to begin.
i almost came to tears discovering that there were only about 15 people listening to the sermon and half of them were the mosque personnel. ustaz Adzmy is one of the outstanding ustaz that was able to make you get in touch with your inner core and move you to tears with repentence when leading the qiammulail.

as always, needless to say how excellent ustaz Adzmy delivered his ceramah on sirah, nevertheless, he still lost to the concerts and entertainment programs right outside at the dataran.
the isyak jemaah prayer came and the reality showed it's ugly face. where have all the 2 million muslim belia gone to? hardly a sauf full.  just take 200 belia that perform the prayer over the 2 million assembly members, it it like the 20000% belia that do not perform their prayers. Syukuralhamdulillah, my 3 sons were with me.

it's a scary thought and almost all of them are melayu whose islamic birthrights were by virtue of default.
camna nanti nak berdiri di depat ALLAH dan jawab  yang you are the cause of the the program that's "laqa" that pulls jemaah away from their duty to their creater. serius!
dan aku pun teringat aksi burung pipit yang sibuk terbang berulang alik membawa air di dalam paruhnya yang amat kecil itu lalu cuba memadam api yang membakar nabi Ibrahim. bila di cemuh oleh burung lain maka si pipit berkata, "sekurang-kurangnya aku telah berusaha sedaya-upaya yang aku mampu dengan kudrat yang Allah berikan pada ku untuk membantu nabi Allah Ibrahim. apa pula alasan yang akan kamu semua berikan kepada tuhan nanti?"

akupun menjadi insaf.

inilah realitinya

sesungguhnya siksaan Allah itu kepada mereka yang engkar adalah amat perit dan pedih. ya Allah, selamatkanlah aku dari siksaan mu kerana perkara-perkara yang laqa di hari pembalasan nanti.

p.s. wanita comel is my beautiful wife.

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  1. masyaallah..smpai camtu sekali..najib suka hati lah sbb program dia dapat sambutan ramai...hancur belia, hancur negara kaedahnya