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Monday, 25 June 2012

the skill of acting

have you ever felt so very stupid in your life as to chair a meeting which content you know nothing about? yeah right! there is always a first time. 
the head of the the academy has dropped a bomb on me and so i turned on my acting skills and swore i could have been top contender of the "best actor award" for conducting a meeting with vigour and conquest!
members thought i had prepared this meeting for weeks but the beauty of being the chairperson is to come up with the agenda and get the subject matter experts to elaborate. you just have to ask clever questions.
as always i got the job done! my homework now is to labour on anything and everything on e-learning. 
man! that's a very tall order.
after a pauper lunch, the driver was already waiting for me to go to port dickson santuary to start on another episode of observing a consultant conducting a team building sessions as opposed to what we have already been conducting all these while for the new intake of officers. again playing a role of a dumb trainer is required.
i love this job! give me another year and i will be able to set up a drama school for actors who want desperately to win awards.
opps got to go. the team building module "jalan dalam hutan seorang diri" will be starting soon. i wouldn't want to miss this for anything.

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