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Thursday, 2 August 2012

love, hate ~ love, hate

i have this horrendous love-hate relationship with Kajang. by that i mean i like the fact that everything is within reach and walking distance, all-in-one. it's like getting your chicken and fishes and vege from the wet market, then hop on to get your groceries from the stalls next to the bakery just nearby, still have time for your favourite curry mee and teh tarik for breakfast and all these chores done before the bank opens.
on the other hand, what i dislike is the roads to Kajang are mostly so very slim and congested. it takes hours just to get to the petite town. now that you get there the biggest headache starts - getting a parking lot within the vicinity of the town area.
i made a blunder last Friday while running errands in Kajang. after numerous rounds of the town with no parking space available, then i decided to park underground this boutique hotel.
just as i pushed the button for a ticket at the entrance of the slanting (with a crazy sharp bent) parking alleyway, suddently out of no where, came this motorist on his stupid dilapated  bike by the side speeding madly into the parking lot.
as the result the pole came plonking down centimetres away from my car as i was slamming the brake to stop the car just in time. there was such a loud screeching noise.
wanita comel screamed her lungs out, hysterically. it was so loud, i turned speechless for fear that the security guard might think it's the case of molest or attempted rape. worst things have happened in gloomy, shabby dan dingy carparks. 
i then decided to reverse immediately with vandetta in mind. i wanted to get out of the car and gave chase to the mindless and moronic motorist so that i could knock some sense into his  bloody thick head with my bare hands or a hockey stick, hopefully that would drill some sense as well as a stern warning to be civil to other motorist the next time around.
at the speed of lightning, the slender and lustrous fingers of wanita comel clutched my arm. i had to succumbed to her plea "it's all right bang! nothing's broken - we are safe and not in any kind of danger, just let go....."
arghhhhhhh! i know! i know! i should have driven my cute sporty vitara instead the the bulky elysion prestige.
certainly, it's things like this that add salt to injury and for all you know the nonsensical bloke might not even be a resident of Kajang which give the town a bad name.

p.s.: wanita comel is my beautiful wife.
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