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Thursday, 30 August 2012

perhentian island, i will come back!

this year i had the intention to join my colleagues for squid fishing at kapas island. i have wanted to do this for years.
it did not happen!
the little getaway would be fantastic just for the whole family at the tioman island, since in actual fact it was too difficult to gather the 2 college boys and a secondary schooler at a particular period in view of the non-appropriate vocation time.
so, that did not happen too!
came what may, i will make it to perhentian island whatever it takes.
what could be a better time than the eid festivities. it was crazy but i did it. travelling at almost midnite across the east-west highway, we reached the besut jetty almost 5am. park our car, bought the ferry ticket and departed at the earliest boat ride at 7am eventhough there was no prior hotel booking. i did called up few chalets but they were all booked up, so we took our chances. out of Arwana, Ulu-ulu, coral bay, flora and fauna, we managed to secure a chalet at flora!
there were 90% foreign tourist and 10% asian - malaysian included! it was like a holiday overseas!
i telll ya! this place is a real heaven on earth.

departing from besut jetty at dawn

each boat was equipped with life jacket. passengers then ferried by smaller boat to the island to protect the coral

fantastic chalets on perhentian besar

sun, sea, snorkling and beaches - owh! heaven on earth. fresh seafood!
equipments you need for snorkling or
deep sea diving, readily available at affordable price. of course you could bring your own!


  1. salam bro, i definately proud to be tganu.
    u shud let me know when u r in KT next time, we can have very nice klcc or ict ..

    what can i say about perhentian? 10stars..been there once in 2000.

    i`m planning to do diving course in july next year..iether in redang or perhentian..come join me..nak?

    salam bro

  2. please remove this ridiculous word verification bro...
    i try 5 time baru dapat..aiyo

  3. that sound like a fantastic idea. jom!