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Friday, 9 November 2012

the historic cape kemang

finally, i mean finally t got my fat ass off the bed and put it to some exercise routine this morning. at six the lagoon looks so heavenly, the sun has not risen, and the cold wind blew softly from the sea making my brisk walk along the beach zestly and lustful.
in spite of the upgrading work in the lagoon, the beach was really nice to jog and brisk walk.
there are two rescue towers along the lagoon and there is a little fishing village on the other side of the lagoon.

it's rather late for the fisherman to sell the fishes to the market so it's "makan sendiri"

but the most imposing tower is the viewing tower belonging to the islamic department to sight the moon. it is to determind the comencement of fasting month and the aid

tere were two rescue towers at the lagoon

the observation tower was so imposing.

it has now become part of the klana beach resort


  1. A very well known place, for sighting of moon is one. But I have never been there. It looks attractive in its natural environments.

  2. As salam Pakcik, oh! i would suggest Paksik and Makcik spend quiet moments there all by yourselves! it's wonderful how they try to assimilate the modern structure of the hotel with the already historic imposing tower that tells Malaysian Muslims when to welcome the holy month of ramadan as well as to determine the beginning of the celebration of the aid-ulfitri! they tried to preserve the beauty of the cape with little inteference of the man-made beaches, only enhancements!