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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

the chinese towkeh

it is not often i get to spend time alone with wanita comel.

i had a workshop up in cameron highlands and she wanted to come along. hey! this is great news. afterall, i need a good blanket and a bolster cause cameron could get very cold especially at nite.

it was a smooth ride from kelumpo to brinchang, stopping at rawang r&r for breakfast and tanah rata for lunch. while enjoying our simple lunch at tanah rata, i almost fainted when a saw something that caught my eyes so blaringly.

i almost had a heart attack!  what i thought was a cina towkeh turns out to be someone else

lots of food stalls at tahan rata

the vege was so fresh and sedap

view from my room at the equitorial brinchang.

i did not find this in kelumpo but up in the cameron. oh! it is his territory since cameron lays in the state of pahang.


  1. A posting in riddles. Chinese girl, almost fainred ...Chinese towkey ..someone lse, it is his (?) territory .... I wonder if I am too slow to catch .

  2. dear pakcik, maaf bebanyak wise man for i knew u have already solved the riddle. this season of pru13, they will find ways and means to throw u in gaol for simply mentioning names. psssss- try enlarging the picture- and don't tell others i told u so, ok pakcik!