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Monday, 4 February 2013

the melayu's chuncky strawberry jam.

a friend pesan...

if i were to buy a strawberry jam from cameron highlands, purchase the ones with lots of fruits in the jam. i take it to mean - a chunky jam. we looked everywhere in the supermarkets and roadside stalls even tea shops, but alas! could not find any.

then i learned about the cottage industries by the malay villagers who went into strawberry planting and processing them into cordial, jam, toppings and shakes.

i you drive a car, coming down from brinchang, just before reaching tanah rata, you will see on the left side, a sprawl of golf course and just towards the end there is a turn off to the place called kampung sedia.

there are  3 operators that carry different names but the jam i wanted carry the label KM Jam.

strawberries planted in a pot

strawberries planted in plastic bags

awh! sweet and juicy strawberries

look at the prices in the menus. they are so affordable

food glorious food! we had mee kari & bihun sup, strawberry yogurt and shakes

eating in the farm, the strawberries tasted and smelled heaven!

each farmer has a little shop that displays and sells their products complete with a cafe. what we did was to buy cordial and strawberry fruits from one operators, jams and toppings from the other while we had our lunch, yogurt and shakes in a bistro on a strawberries farm.

wanita comel even put on her strawberry coloured dress - it's like a honeymoon for me all over again. how beautiful could that be!

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