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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

my first encounter with ICT - ikan celup tepung (tempura mackerel) - the best i have ever tasted.

GMie a lecturer friend who travelled with me on this assignment: pre-retirement workshop in kuala terengganu, took our chauffeur and I to a very special place for ICT called Pok Nong, upon arrival. the small stall is not too far from the airport.
the stall is actually at the edge of the airport facing the south china sea. it was about 4 in the afternoon when we arrived and already there were hardly any empty seats left. 
i saw 5 big containers of mackerel, squid, prawns, fish sausage and mushroom all dipped into tempura flour and deep fried. the delicacies are taken with sweet sauce.
people were crowding the counter and almost fighting their way to the front to pick the best items/dishes.
the fish were fried crispy that you could eat all the side bones. the 8-inch squid was very juicy,  and the prawns were sweet and succulent. the fish sausages were crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. the mushrooms were crispy as well.
i had the time of my life, gorging those glorious food down my throat! feeling a little guilty because usually fish and sea foods were cook individually as main dishes and to be taken with plain white rice.
all it takes was few minutes! few minutes and our plates were already empty. the coconut water tasted heavenly especially in the hot and breezy weather. and suddenly i remembered what my late mum said, species that eat fish, squid and prawns without rice are  "cats".
i could not help it but felt as if we were a bunch of black-head cats that were glutton, walloping profusely the glorious ICTs'. meowwwww!


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