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Sunday, 13 March 2016

take a look at me now

Have you ever waken up one day in the morning and viewed yourself in a looking mirror and suddenly wondered who that person looking right back at you was? 
OMG, The sight was sooooo very disgusting. that was definitely not me. i looked much better that that, really! 
Just look at that figure, it was like something not right at the hormones development department, that could have caused primarily not by genes, but endocrine disorders, medications, or mental and bodily illness. 
Having said that, you climbed back to bed trying to resume sleep but  alas! you knew you have only two choices: dream on and view yourself having a figure as 20 years ago, still, or wake up and do something about it. And real quick too! 
When you are in a business of public or customer relations or lecturing, coaching or mentoring, it helps a lot if you have a total package, i guess you know what i mean. i just what to share my journey of committing into a dieting program which unbelievably works.
Well at least it works for me!

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