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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

the best fish sausage is in mengabang tapah, terengganu

my wife wanted sata (fish flesh mix with coconut steamed in banana leaves, tastes rather sweet) & otak-otak (fish flesh mix with coconut and chilli powder grill over slow fire in a coconut leave) and we had that before leaving Besut Jetty.
my third son wanted nasi kerabu (purple flower-tinted coloured rice with herbs and vegetables to be taken with either fry or grilled chicken, beef or flour-coated fried fish. we had that for breakfast along the way. there was an american lady posting on her blog and taking pictures of the kerabu rice at the stall.
my second son wanted to have the taste of fried ice-cream so we make a stopped the batu buruk just ahead of kuala terengganu on the way back to putrajaya. i had my first fried ice cream there years ago.
all i wanted was the delicious succulant keropok lekor or fish sausage. unlike the dried fish crackers the local eats it straight out of the steamer while the more "jakun" outsiders eat it deep fried.
anyway we were driving slowly at merang and suddently there were loads of cars parked by the road side and we thought there was a wedding but then we saw long line of people waiting while others carrying bundles and bundles on both arms like a a king kong. and suddently we saw this.

eye catching signboard that is sure to make you stop.

i knew i was in for a treat. this is the first outlets that uses the q management system, patrons had to take numbers while waiting for their fresh fish sausages.
i had to wait for almost an hour for my 50 ringgit worth of fish sausage. but it was worth it. one of the best i have ever tasted.

p.s. fish sausages is a traditional snack for the dwellers on the eastern part of the peninsular Malaysia. it is made of mashed fish fillet, wheat flour, salt and water, well blended and rolled up in a shape of a sausage before steamed cooked to get fresh sausages that could be eaten right away dipped in a special sause that is sour, sweet and hot. eat it while it is steamy hot. some prefered it deep fried.

long queues to buy fish sausages

the ingredients of fish sausage

simple process and hand made

sausage is then steamed cooked

the cooked sausages is wrapped in a plastic bag
opppps, got to go. cant's resists the temptation of the fish sausages. got to steamed some from the freezer and enjoy the taste of a delidious keropok lekor! byeeee....

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  1. I was blog hopping from one list to another, bookmarking a few for future reading. With a bit of time to spare I have picked your blog. Lo and behold you have writtten about Terengganu food, and here I am living in the midst of it all! Thank you for saying good things about this East Coast state which I myself often talk with tingue in my cheeks.

    Insya Allah I will drop by again when have more time to spare. I sure will.

    Pakcik Almanar