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Friday, 6 January 2012


life is what u make out if it. it is a choice, your choice - no one force it upon you. true! there are times someone says " i am a victim of circumstances" it is written in azali and so it has become a fate for you but what matters is what do you do to come out of it.
having said that, there are people who like to meddle into the private affairs of others- you know the so-called busy bodies. they thought they know you better than yourself. their hapiness are when they think they could have an influence over what you do,  possibbly take over your life, own you.
they are always there, they are everywhere, all over. there is no more room for privacy - your only very own sanity!
i only wanted to be a friend, nothing more, nothing less.
please let me have some room to breath - i am suffocating real bad around you,
please oh please just let me be who i am and not what you wanted me to be.

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