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Sunday, 23 September 2012

anger management

it was a pleasant trip from kuching to santubong.
the courses for Call centre agents came in three parts. communications skill, anger management and dress sense.
While irman conducts module on efective communications and simulations of management games, the run-around-handy-man , kamarul is such a joy to have. as a course secretariat, he takes cares of everything that lectures do not want to do. i don't know how we would have couducts our courses without him.

from left: irman and kamarul

the screaming exercise that turns out to be a laughing exercise
my anger management workshop was held at the one hotel santubong, a golf resort. i had a room facing the sea and the golf course, it was beautiful. too bad the program was a crash ones so most of the time we were in the class room.

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