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Friday, 28 September 2012

workshop for pensioners

i was actually giving lessons to going-to-be pensioners what to do with their lives when they have come to the end of their employment with the present employer.
the package was comprehensive: speakers came from MOH (ministry of health), EPF, AKPK, SME Bank, AMANAHRAYA and such beside taking the participants for site visits of those who has successfully move into cottage industries or earning incomes out of doing business from home.
my sessions was at the end, repping-up the whole course by having them working out and presenting their business plans complete with profit & loss accounts and balance sheets.
Tuan Doktor of DBI, i am so sorry (ampun) i could not call on you because of the time constrains but managed to have klcc & ict at the batu buruk food court in the rain. it has been raining cats & dogs in evenings or i would have make plan to go snorkling with you at pulau kapas.
jangan marah tau, nanti cepat kerepot!

felda residence is an exquisite boutique hotel by the river that has fantastic view of the crystal mosque.

visit to the cottage industry operator of tapioca and banana crakcers

looks good, tastes even better.

the rm 5,000 income per month mushroom operator says " i dont have to put on my baju kurung and drive to the office anymore. i just work behind my house.

visit to a bakery that sponsors by the SME'S Bank.

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