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Sunday, 23 September 2012

terubuk & lada hitam sarawak.

the good thing about being a guest speaker in a workshop is that the organizer treats u like a king. 
they threw in dinner at this exquisite restaurant called mango tree last nite and this morning we went to a place in satok for breakfast. 
i had sarawak specialty = mee kolok, kamarul and amir had rojak mee tambi special. it's an upgrade version of pasembor plus a large chunk of fried chicken. 
later we walked through the satok week-end-wet market so that kamarul could get packets of black pepper those ladies back at the office asked him to buy and the salted terubuk for his family members.
someone told me not to buy the fresh, and bleached salted terubuk because they use the chemical that preserve the corps. i mean how fresh and nice looking could a fish that has been marinated with salt and dried under the sun for days.
suddently i felt like throwing up!

plenty of the salted terubuk

you could get almost anything here

these chickens are for sale and not for display

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