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Saturday, 22 September 2012

travelling again

dah lama berdiam di ofis, dah rasa macam berlapuk.
kini masa untuk beraksi dan berjalan-jalan balik.
kena ngajar bukan satu kursus tapi dua sekaligus, dalam masa satu minggu! ha! hambik ko.
i m running courses back to back, one for the call centre in  "meoww city" and the other one in the city of "fish sausages".
all-in-one gadget like this helps frequent flyers!

compact all-in-one camera bag which is blogger friendly
this bag has special compartments for laptop, camera and video camera. you could also carry the tripod stand by the side of the bag.
i just packed by luggage bag, grab this compact camera bag and off i go.

ishhh mana kl transit neh!

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