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Monday, 1 October 2012

time to cherish

i travel light,
i packed just about everything i need including my jogging suit and shoes in a bag that goes on the overhead compartment, above the passengers seat. usually, there is hardly any space left. i carry my own bag because i simply hate waiting at the carousel for the luggage to come out and the thought that they simply throw your bag like garbage in the back room.
i had two expensive broken bags that has been replaced by MAS and the ones they replaced was much too inferior and dilapated compared to the bag that i purchased with stringent quality check.
i m also the sort that deliver the best i possibly could, and immediately move on without looking back.
recent experience taught me otherwise and that sometimes human touch and gratitute take center stage and made everything else second to none.
Fulfilling requests from customer is mandatory in my line of work and therefore at times spending much time on r&d as well as web browsing for materials for lectures has became a job hazard. Sacrificing your much needed sleep is nothing compared to giving an excellent presentation as an outcomes. I suppose according to maslow hierachy of human needs, I have reached the level of self actualization? Hope I m not suffering from  s.s.s (syndrome syok sendiri) hehehe.
My experience designing and delivering an integrated course for the call centre was much more than worthwhile. The sharing of experience was more than fantastic, but the gifts irman and I got from the appreciative organizer was more that words could ever describe. It made our contributions looks like a midget.
Thanks Pn Jalilah, Hani, Amir and the rest of the PKP Crew. We shall cherish the moments together because we enjoyed every moments of the time we spent together, as much as you have enjoyed participating and going through the exercises in the workshop.
Thanks a million for the experience and of course the gifts.

time to cherish

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