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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

i m so very outdated

had a meeting with a consultant yesterday and the British lad had set a meeting place in "the dome" at the fountain KLCC.
upon arrival I  had few minutes to spare so i thought it would be excellent to freshen up before the meeting.
in my haste i end up in a "premium toilet" which to me looks just about the same as any other toilet.
the only difference i noticed was as i was just about to step out of the cubicle, right after flushing, eagerly stomped a bouncer-like janitor with a laser-pointed eyes, almost knocked me off my feet armed with a mob to make sure the floor was not slippery wet.
the other premium feature of the toilet was this....
a receipt and a piece of tissue paper
i am certain now for sure! KLCC is not a hang-out place for middle-class people like me!

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