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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

it's breast milk for monkey's cub

the pmr week has finally passed and my son who sat for the exam cried "freedom!" monday after completing his maths and kemahiran hidup papers. freedom from what? "burlesque" was his quick reply. well good for him but i can't exactly get it out of my head just yet.

a week ago pakcik alManar wrote in his blog an article titled 'kera di hutan disusukan'. although he candidly translated it to sound like "Mangki in hutan diberi milk, babi dirumah mati hanggeri", suddently i felt a jagged dagger pierced straight through my pulsating heart.

weeks before the exam, my last boy was struggling with his revision for he had missed year 1 lesson of all subjects because he was studying in the land down under. i had purchased text books with lots of revision and work books for him to catch up. put him through tuition with no avail. but alas! he was not the studious kind. meantime, i realised that i contributed very little on his preparation for the exam too since concurrently,  i was too busy teaching profesionnal courses to other elderly students in my class. nevertheless, it's comforting to know that he is not neglected or abandoned.

it's the wanita comel who came to the rescue and undertook full command of teaching him since she spends every minutes with him at home like a tatoo. she believed she could bring him around and drill some senses into his lame head about the importance of scoring good grades with the aids of the rattan and all. That seemed to work well! Just like the wise pakcik AlManar, members of my family too believe in sharing responsibilities among us. undoubtly wanita comel was excellent in it too!

alhamdulillah. Members of the family recide "yassin" every nite seeking god's blessing and hassanah. As well as boasting his morale that we are all in it together.

teruknye kan bapak manki ni! yang kurang ketegasan, keilmuan dan kesabarannya. but i prayed hard, i mean really hard that he tried his very best, with Allah's blessing he was calm and pastoral in completing his examinations and eventually score good grades.

The latest trend sees that should there be exam, it’s the parents that go into frenzy while the kids stay cool and could not even give a hoot!

one of the three apples of my eyes
from the bottom of my heart, thank you wanita comel (my wife), don't know what i'd do without. YOU! 

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