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Monday, 29 October 2012


a hearty breakfast before wrestling with the cows

the cows were being loaded off the lorry

slaughtering the cows as early as 9 am this morning
the womenfolk has started the preparation of ingredients for cooking

processing the meat and bones of a cow.

so much has been said about the qurban in the media and so i m not going to labour into it anymore.
the place i work managed to celebrate the Aid Mubarak this year by slaughtering 4 cows.
i am amazed at these guys and gurls who got down into business starting from slaughtering the animals right to preparing the meat for meals and to be given away to the less fortunate ones.
and i see the spirit of qurban in each of their faces! and may only Allah Bless all of you who executed the affair so unselfishly with commitment and determination.

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