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Thursday, 4 October 2012

oh susahnya komunikasi!

i am in the most difficult industry of all - communications!
i used to be the head of communications for the organization.
now i m lecturing anything and everything about communications
hopefully the comm school will materialise this year and i get to be the cikgu besar of the school (berangan btoi kan?)
i found out that my lecturing work has taken a backseat.
the comm management has taken centerstage. i am not complaining, tapi bersyukur sangat. it comes in easy for me because i have the skill and years of experience on it.

just imagine,
we have this oration competition.
the management of the event went on splendidly!
aper tidaknye!  the commitee members ada le 80 orang kot!
peserta cuma 8 orang jer!
giler ke haper!
susah nak paham kan?


  1. It does seem that you are doing fine climbing the organisation ladder. I think as a reader I can appreciate it better if you reveal a bit more of the details instead of leaving a lot in the shadow. That is my humble opinion.

  2. as salam pakcik,
    thanks for visiting back and for opinion. i promise to do better in future, opinions re much welcome and appreciated.