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Friday, 24 June 2016


SSS atau 3s. Apakah?
Trainers should avoid this syndrom mandatorily. 
By switching on your active listening skill, then you would be able to tailor-make courses that clients wanted, that meet their needs and objectives the first place, therefore clients get their money's worth engaging us as their training consultant. 
Usually "Sindrom Syok Sendiri" of a consultant sees him as busy telling clients what and how he could do for them to the point of arm-twisting clients to wholly take what he has to offer. Instead he should listen and probe clients as what are their objectives, their aims and what they eventually wanted to achieve out of the course.
Only then consultant go right ahead and design precise courses, customize to what the clients desired.
I bet you get no less than 96% on the evaluation score sheet. Insya Allah!
Never underestimate the power of TNA.

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