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Saturday, 11 June 2016

pahala berpuasa

"meh duduk sini" said Cikgu Syarin holding my hand and pulling me towards a group of people who were ready to break their fast.
i was running late and so i thought why not? the breaking of fast is any minute now and i still hadn't any food with me, so i joined him and a few of our regular friends at the surau.
Luckily, there were people like Cikgu Syarin.
Already, there were few plates of dates with curry-puff and tepung talam, Cikgu Syarin was busy pouring the icy-cold watermelon juice that he brought from home into the paper cups and handed one to me, then there was azan and we all ate to mark the breaking of our fast.
"my daughter baked this cake and my wife prepared this sardine roll. i just made the drinks for all of us". and that has been the practice of Cikgu Syarin ever since the fasting season started this year.
Why go through all this trouble, i asked Cikgu Syarin, a pensioner whose stature is far from filthy rich
"Owh there is no trouble at all!"  Cikgu Syarin and his family members are well known to be fantastic cooks and one of the generous people in my surau seizing at every opportunity to contribute some kind of comestible or others.
"Allah said, he who gives food to those who fast, will reap of deed (pahala) of the person who fasted the whole day, without any less deed to the person who fasted" i hope god bless me with good health so that i could do this little bit this year. i might not meet another ramadan next year!"
"amiiin" was the reply from everyone simultaneously. he beamed from ear to ear. 
i felt ashamed of myself!

pics from uncle google

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