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Monday, 20 June 2016

rice porridge

He who offers food for those who fasted, will get the reward (pahala) just like the ones he has given the food to, without the person who fasted the whole day get any less of the reward from god the almighty.
Ramadan sees Muslims all over the world joining the rat race of giving sincerely to the less fortunate in order to make lives much better for the have-not.
The musolla where i pray organised a porridge cooking session Saturday morning as a social responsibility as well as hoping to gain the blessing, Insya Allah! and the final products were distributed to those who came shopping at the Alamanda Shopping Complex that particular afternoon, whether they fast or not.
The co-sponsors Aeon and Adabi provided the ingredients for cooking, big pots and stoves while the community of the musollah cook the porridge together.
The task was successfully completed just before the Zohor prayer. The porridge that has been placed into small container was distributed to the public immediately.

preparation of ingredients

things to cook

everything goes into the big periok

ready for distribution

OMG! Sedap giler!

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