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Tuesday, 14 June 2016


"G! please tell me how to loose those pounds on my lats."
Aiman is a cute young lad, about 24yrs of age and a graduate of culinary science with a passion for cooking and naturally tasting food, glorious food. He aspires to be an owner of a bistro very soon while in the meantime helping his mum delivering her floral arrangements to clients. 
She is a florist, a very famous one in Putrajaya. Most of the government departments, tan sris, puan sris, datuks, datins and hoi pollois are mostly her clients.
Aiman is on the gendud plump side but he is almost 6 feet tall. Naturally any little bulge would show on his deportment.
I told him he looked all right (dunno why people came up to me for advice on weight problems) but he told me "my friends said i have 360% breast. it shows especially at the back"
i could not help it but to burst into horrendous laughter. 
Aiman, you are hilarious!

pic from uncle google, not aiman's

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