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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

malu sangat

What you don't know won't hurt.
but then again ignorance is no excuse!

when JPN decided to change from 30k chip to 60k chip identity card almost 12 years ago i m one of those who was told to integrate my driving licence into the i.c. chip so that i don't have to carry two cards at the same time.
well that was convenient!

so i jumped into the band wagon and paid for my driving licence for 10 years. little did i know that they were not going to equip the patrol policemen with the card reader. god has been kind to me and i never had any bad omen or encounter, Alhamdulillah.

a couple of days ago my son asked me for my driving licence and i showed him my i.c. and told him it's in there!

"pa you got to be kidding me, we have to own a separate driving licence now for it is an offence if you don't have one!" and of course i fought like hell to his suggestions of getting a new card. i mean why should i? it's in there! the i.c.

he has just gotten his a week earlier and told me that he had a pleasant experience dealing with JPJ Putrajaya Branch. he told me that it was hassle free to renew driving licence now.

with him gone, back to his hostel in Kelantan, i finally plucked enough courage to go to JPJ Putrajaya branch at the Galleria this morning.

upon pressing my ticket no, i heard my number being called ever the QMS System and so i had to practically rush to the counter, almost running-over or knocking-down the other customers. there were only three of them, pun around.

then the officer at the counter dropped the bomb on me. i was told that my licence has expired two years ago! Gulp!!!!

at that very instant,  i felt  like running at the speed of lightning back to my car and drive like orang gila mabuk for fear that they would blacklist me, or worst -make me sit for the driving test once again.

the officer calmly just told me that i could take max 5 years, so i paid quickly, no back-tracked payment, no fine, no abusive words for being careless. Fuhhh!


They were so nice, helpful and efficient. just before i could open up my pouch bag to get my phone, there was a voice calling "Encik! dah siap". other government agencies could take one or few pointers from JPJ Customer Service, honestly!

Kudos to JPJ Putrajaya! can't wait to see u again - in 5 years.

***** (servis lima bintang)

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