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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Tetiba, i am feeling down the rut!

The message was short and simple.

"banyak kali saya tanya macammana nak register"
"orang lain boleh cari blog saya,
so tak payah la pa cari.
Tak penting pon blog saya tu."

We always hurt the one we love, this is a good case.
And you know what, those moments together were most precious, being able to reach out, hold and touch someone with so much love and affection, but you can't have - to call your very own - the yearning felt very bitter.
There are times catching glimpses of the person would have to be sufficient and so you put on your smiling facade even though no one knows what you comprehended inside.
But it felt like a dagger straight into my heart when you can't even look at that particular face anymore since the "apple of your eyes" god knows why is gone.........

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