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Friday, 17 June 2016

multi-purpose laptop adjustable table with cooling fan

i have been wanting to buy this table for ages!

made a purchase online via Qoo10 for an exquisite bamboo laptop table with cooling fan, waited patiently for three weeks, checked my status, they cancelled it. goddamned it! how dare they!

and so i called up the customer care centre and was told that they have ran out of stock and will refund my money. had to wait for another 3 weeks for the refund to be credited into my account. bloody hell!

i was out shopping for something else at the IOI City Mall, but my eyes caught sight of this table and i liked it instantly. the trouble was they have sold that model out too and what was left was the display unit. i wanted it. during the demonstration session, one of the fan stop functioning. Arggggggh! i had to wait for another week for new shipment to come,

yesterday it came and i bought it.

with all excitement, i showed it to wanita cantek and told her that she could use it too if she wishes. you see, we are sinners of operating our laptops on the bed or on the bedroom floor while sitting against the bed, sometimes laying on the wooden flooring. 

lazy bums - that is what we are when the study table is just outside the bedroom with ample space for everyone, but no! we had to do it in the bedroom.

she said the table was also good for putting the holy quran when reading it, or even a fantastic casket for breakfast in bed. Ader fan lagi! omg, me and my big mouth! serve me right. why la do i ever have to offer usage of my laptop table to her.

i am sure she would come up with 101 more bright ideas of how to utilise the table when all i ever wanted was to use it for my laptop to prevent back injury to myself, no more straining my neck and back while doing my work at home.

then, it striked me like lightning and i told her: sayang! let me get you a brand-new breakfast tabletop. you can put your sewing machine on it too!

ps: wanita cantek is my pulchritudinous wife.

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