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Thursday, 17 March 2016

apple days

a couple of times, the weight refuse to drop. the readings on the digital weighing machines shows the same result. wtf what?
the agreement upon taking up this program is that i have to report the reading to my doctor everyday in the morning. when the reading stays the same she will be busy giving me instructions. 
she would be more worried that me, but i told her it's ok, it's not a sin when the weight does not drop. at the back of my mind i asked myself, have i come to the plateau? i wanted to loose at least 7 more kilos.
one of the plan is to go on apple day. 
take five apples starting at noon for every two hours and restrict water intake from the usual 3 liters to just only one, the lesser the better. strictly no meat, no vegetables and no jacob's low sodium high fiber biscuits - which tastes like a cut out cardboard, i swear.
Owh! mati la.

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