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Saturday, 26 March 2016


i just can't believe it!
i am only one shot away to complete the session of sticking foreign hormone into my montel, comel cute tummy. 
come sunday i am done with syringe and hormone - owh what a relief! sumpah i swear! 
nevertheless, already by now i felt like a junkie, serious! but the good thing is that the injection into the fatty layer of the gut just below the belly button, leaves no marks at all due to the size of the needle. there was no blood blotch as well. immediately after taking the shot, i could just put on my shirt over the jabbed area and the shirt stays sparkling clean.
having said that, for the following 3 days the existing diet resume while the body detoxs from the HCG. but this is still not the end of the story. so what happens next?
i will have to shift gear to Atkins Diet for the next 3 weeks - just when i began to think that the suffering would finally be over. it is not.
while the good thing is that, the portion of meat and vege doubles to 200gm for lunch and dinner, and i could introduce a little oil into the cooking, just tiny, puny oil - no more! but the bad thing - strictly still no sugar (i use stevia drops into my coffee or ice lemon tea so i am ok) but no carbo and no starch, outch!!! that hurts like hell very much. already there are tears in eyes just thinking of the appetizing char koew tiew or mee mamak or pizza that i missed so very much at this point in time.
to make matters worst, there is an instruction from above for me to be part of the Team Building Workforce which will be carried out in a jungle somewhere in kuala kubu baru next week. "sudah jatuh di timpa tangga, pasu bunga pula menghempap kepala".
Oh my goodness, i just have to carry my entire kitchen to that goddamn place now don't i?

Image result for PIC of kitchen in a car
mobile kitchen

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