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Saturday, 19 March 2016

what happen?

"What happen?" said the doctor.
there was one time my weight dropped at less than half a kg per day for two consecutive days and the worried doctor was cracking her head dissecting the problem.
After what seem like an hour of interrogation, she decided, " take two fried eggs for breakfast, a couple of fried chicken for lunch and two pieces of chicken in a soup for dinner"
I was not allowed any vegetables, apples and biscuits. no sugar strictly. this is an attempt to  artificially activate the digestive system to burn more fat in the body by cajoling it that there are loads more left unattended.
Are you kidding me? and I was like "thank you, thank you, omg! real delicious food". At the speed of lightning i drove like hell to the nearest Mc D drive-through, cant wait to take a chomp at the crispy but succulent spicy chicken.
And you know what? after the first piece I had to force myself to finish the second piece with much agony. After few weeks of healthy cooking, the oil tastes real bad and awkward on the taste buds. I felt like puking throwing up instantly.
I was waiting for the next day with much anticipation.

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