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Thursday, 24 March 2016


after you get a new body, what do you do?
shopping for new clothing of course. you deserve to change the skin after you have shed 10 kilos. its a celebration. 
call it Narcissism (the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's own attributes), if you want. i dont give a damn!
anyway, few days ago i went to adidas boutique in Alamanda and there was this one  t-shirt that i fall in love with. it has just the right soft material, colour and design that i have been looking for, but alas, they don't have my size! bloody hell, what so special about this t-shirt is that it uses zipper instead of ordinary button from the neck to the chest. 
i was exasperated, no way am i going to accept the fate without giving it a tenacious fight.
for the past couple of days it has been nagging at me and today immediately after work, i went on a crusade of searching for the much desired outfit. first i went to alikhsan warehouse at the bangi sentral they have the right shirt but shit unfortunately the only one left is under size. i am more determined by now to hunt for it if i have to go to all their outlets and eventually to the supplier. i got the sale person to give me the code number of the item.
without wasting much precious time i race like hooligan to ioi city mall at putrajaya and showed them the code number while crossing my fingers. they looked at the computer and "sir we have one left of your size, do you want it? i grabbed the outfit like it was kin. boy was i lucky cause it was a 30% sale item. the salesman showed me the latest arrival section to somewhat similar pattern in white only slicker! and i wanted that as well for sure.
i went home beaming from ear to ear and felt all the running-around was all worth it!

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