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Sunday, 27 March 2016


there has been lots of debate of the HCG Diet!
some doctors called it a dubious scam and some others support it with dear life. you have got to read the notes from the person who invented this diet:  Dr. Simeon's Protocol.
anyway, i have come to the end of sticking my body with syringe needles and i have lost a  little more than 10 kg, which was wonderful, considering Dr Simeon targeted result of only 7 kg in 30 days.
and owh, before it slips my mind, i have to thank my doctor Dr Nurdiyayana Ihsan who has been monitoring my weight loss and was there to assists me when i reach the plateau, or when my weight wont budge! thanks doc! i owe you my dignity and self respect.
i have been following the link for more info and Valarie has almost complete articles about HCG. big thank you to Valarie too for unselfishly share almost everything you need to know about this wonderful diet.
in three days from now i wont be a "pregnant women" anymore, now that the hormone will be fully purge out of my system, that's a relief - and you know what? i still haven't grow breasts and my facial hair is still intact, sumpah! swear
on the contrary, now that i won't be assisted by the hormone to burn the fat, will i gain weight for phase 3, where i could introduce slowly dairy products like cheese and a little oil into the menu. the food intake could be increase to 1500 gm and i m afraid all those hard dieting would go down the drain with weight gain. gulp!!!!
there are some truth in what the skeptical doctors says: any one who eats only 500 gm of food each day with or without the help of the hormone would loose weight. so what happens if you eat more food? would i gain weight?  takotnyer!
Dr Simeon in his protocol explains "Here too, the explanation is quite simple. During treatment the patient has been only just above the verge of protein deficiency and has had the advantage of protein being fed back into his system from the breakdown of fatty tissue. Once the treatment is over there is no more HCG in the body and this process no longer takes place. Unless an adequate amount of protein is eaten as soon as the treatment is over, protein deficiency is bound to develop, and this inevitably causes the marked retention of water known as hunger- edema. The treatment is very simple. The patient is told to eat two eggs for breakfast and a huge steak for lunch and dinner followed by a large helping of cheese and to phone through the weight the next morning. When these instructions are followed a stunned voice is heard to report that two lbs. have vanished overnight, that the ankles are normal but that sleep was disturbed, owing to an extraordinary need to pass large quantities of water. The patient having learned this lesson usually has no further trouble.
there is no turning back! i will have to persevere and see what happens next. owh my body!

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