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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

as time passes

i started the program on  march, 1st.
For a couple of days during the  loading period, my weight went up from 87kg to 88 kg. i had to wallop splurge on pizza, fried chicken, sausages, cakes, cheese, ice cream and milk.
After 2 weeks it has came down to 80kg losing 7 kg within 14 days. Isn't it great or what?
there are days that it has gone static and my doctor was worried much more than me. she give me suggestions and instructions to follow and viola! it came down the next day.
this diet does not allow you to perform heavy duty exercise or the metabolism would shut down, convenient don't you think?
i am motivated by the fact that eating on time with the portion given you don't feel the hunger pang. i am looking forward to try new menus for lunches and dinners because cooking in my air fryer is such a wonderful experience and the meal turn out perfect every time.
i don't mind the daily injection in the morning anymore, it does not bother me at all by now. i also felt safe that the hormones won't grow breasts on my chest - it's not estrogen.
Woman Giving Herself a Subcutaneous Injection - Carlos Davila / Getty Images

My routine starts with taking my weight in the morning after easing myself of the liquid and solid wastes.
i would then race to the office to face the day ahead with so much confidence.

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