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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My Investment

For fwo goddamn days i had nightmares.
What? hormones of a pregnent women!
The first fear sets in, will i grow breasts? will my voice change and my skin smoother and my moustarch and goatee drop bits by bits - no way. The doctor rest assured me that HCG is not estrogen.
wow! what a big relieve.
The program that i had paid for, costs over a RM1K which i took from a legit medical practitioner uses the injection instead of oral drops. I must confess that I am one that is diffident of needles, no matter how small it is.
OMG! there were 25 syringes to go. the pretty doctor convinced me that i would feel no pain, nevertheless, i had the strong feeling of mampus la aku.
well, true enough the needle, alas was very small and curtail.
regardless, on the first day i  challenged myself and braved administering the injection to the area slightly below the belly button, shockingly it was a breeze. i learned from youtube - to feel no pain simply stretch the skin before injecting the needle into your flesh,
yet, I was shocked to find out that once you stretched the flesh, the needle almost went in by itself, there was only a slight "ant-bite" sensation, no more. man! all that fear boiled down to zilch.
and so i went out on a shopping spree: things that i invested on was:  2 digital weighing machine (one for body weight and the other to weigh meat/vegetables & food), measuring tape, spices like powdered garlic, ginger, paprika, stake marinate, pepper, celtic sea salt. 
i had a choice of buying an electric  grill or an airfryer, but after much thought and comparison, decided on  tefal actifry
naturally, i had to stock up beef, chicken breasts, fish, prawns and variety of vegetables and apples. lots of apples. luckily the pantry in the office has got two fridges and a microwave oven.
the catch is, i have to cook the food myself especially in the office for lunch, i have to weigh 100 gm of meat and 100 gm of vegetable and cook for lunch and dinner.  for lunch i have to cook up a meal and eat it within an hour of lunch break. 
i simply love my actifry. it could fry without oil, grill and cook meal within minutes.
loosing weigt is one thing, but maintaining it is another. the latter proves to  be much difficult.
I am investing for the future.

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